Pieskot ‘Instalife’ Greetings Card

Pieskot ‘Instalife’ Greetings Card

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A husband-and-wife team Kama Komaiszko and Marek Dorobisz couldn’t buy pretty greeting cards in their country, so they asked their friends to draw it for them. The illustrators happened to be the most talented Polish authors. Then they asked friends of their friends and soon Pieskot apeared on the shelves of the biggest bookstore chain in Poland, Empik.

Based in Warsaw, Poland, and being creative directors in big Polish agencies Kama and Marek managed to create a brand which combines great artistic craft together with strong commercial potential.

Pieskot became a platform for succesfull artists as well as very young illustrators starting their artistic carrier. In both cases artists are carefully selected based on their achievements with children’s books, art and design projects.

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